Off piste skiing is an exciting way to explore the mountains and find some untouched snow away from the busy resort slopes; but to have the best experience, some good planning and preparation is required. We have listed some tips to help you make the most of your off piste adventures. 

Hire a Guide 

Hiring guides to venture off piste is not compulsory but always highly recommended. Professional guides will be able to give you advice on safety and lead you in any difficult conditions. They will also know the best routes to take to remove the chance of getting lost on the run back down to the resort, or venturing into any dangerous areas. They can also tailor your off piste experience to suit your level of experience; meaning riders can safely challenge their skills without finding themselves on runs that are too advanced.

Avalanche Safety 

Before exploring the snow to be found off the piste map, with or without a guide, it is a good idea to get up to speed on avalanche safety and how to select the slopes that are safe to snowboard.

Online resources such as Henry’s Avalanche Talk provide a useful pool of information on everything from the triggers of avalanche and signs of a dangerous slope, to the best techniques for a safe run.